sunshine blogger tag

Well met, fair friends, and welcome to the woods.

I have not been tagged to do this tag, but it’s the best way to not do Greek homework right now, and Grim offered it to anyone who wanted it. So here we go.

Do you listen to podcasts, and if so what’s your favorite?

I had a brief period in mid-highschool where I regularly listened to political podcasts; at various times I kept up with Allie Beth Stuckey and sundry Daily Wire people. However, at the jaded old age of twenty, I have realized that spending all your free time thinking about all the things that are wrong with the world is a sad way to live, so I don’t listen to those anymore, unless someone recommends a particular episode to me. I get my news from random online sources, if and when I choose to check them (which is rarely), and spend my days happily not thinking about the impending death of Western civilization. It is better to live well than to curse those who do not.

Listen to audiobooks instead, people.

(Of course there are podcasts that are worth your time! I like the Literary Life, Joy Clarkson, CenterforLit, Read-Aloud Revival, anything Rabbit Room, and various other bookish ones. I just don’t listen to them that much because I haven’t the time.)

What’s your favorite Western?

I have neither read nor seen any Western, ever. I have heard good things about Louis L’Amour, Die Hard, and Emily Hayse’s speculative Western series, though. I hope to encounter some of those in the future.

What’s a family-favorite story? (i.e., the time my grandfather obtained a pet Komodo dragon, etc.)

My dad once drove a car through a garage door. I was a baby at the time and do not remember this happening, but my parents definitely do. My poor mother was putting me to sleep when she heard an earth-shattering crash. Thanks be to God that she went downstairs to find her husband alive, though with a car slightly worse for the wear and a garage door very much not alive.

What’s a memorable compliment someone has given you?

Someone once compared me to another student at my college in favorable terms, as if we both were very good at languages. I felt it undeserved, because I am studying two languages (of which I only know one well) and he is studying somewhere nearer ten (and is good at all of them), but it was memorable, and nice to know that I come off as language-savvy.

How do you feel about Trigonometry?

I liked it fine in highschool, I guess. I don’t remember it that well.

Darkest fairy-tale you know?

Does Erlkönig count? The kid’s dead at the end, which is pretty dark. Perhaps unfortunately, it’s also one of my favorite songs.

If you listen to folk music, what’s your favorite folk song? (yes, I had to do it)

I really like “Crossing the Bar” and “Bones in the Ocean” by The Longest Johns, and lately I’ve been loving any and all settings of “The Parting Glass.” (Thanks to Grim for introducing me to all of those.) Also, “Connemara Bay” by The High Kings is so fun.

Any languages you’d like to learn?

I’m currently studying Latin and (Ancient) Greek. I would like to study (in various capacities) German, Hebrew, Welsh, Quenya, Spanish and/or Italian, Old English, modern Greek, and Korean.

Favorite type of ice cream?

Anything nondairy is fine, but oatmilk chocolate and cashewmilk caramel are particularly good.

Tell a story about some holiday, birthday, or big event that went ridiculously wrong.

Hmm, I can’t think of any in particular. I guess my life wouldn’t make a good movie or romcom.

Afternoon tea, or midmorning coffee?

Both! I usually only drink noncaffeinated tea, so that’s good any hour of the day. And coffee is good all morning. I used to forbid myself from coffee after 4 pm, but I’ve had to move that to lunchtime now that I have an 8 am four days out of the week. It is not good to be up until 1 or 2 am if you have class at 8.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back with some thoughts on Augustine soon enough, don’t despair. Until then, though, may the wind in your sails bring you home.



4 thoughts on “sunshine blogger tag”

  1. Well- some of my answers

    I love coffee- not much of a tea drinker; so that answer is defiantly coffee
    Languages- well, studied Spanish in both high school and college
    Favorite type of ice cream- for me, just can’t decide

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  2. I didn’t know Joy Clarkson had a podcast! Shame on me. I’ll need to check that out…because Joy Clarkson is the BEST.

    Erlkonig! Gah! I was recently reintroduced to it, and…it’s SO evocative and tragic, I LOVE it. XD

    “The Parting Glass” is something I like any and all settings of, too.

    That list of languages looks suspiciously like the list of languages I want to learn…in the 25th hour of my day, you know. (I should get better at the ones I already know first, though. XD)

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  3. This was fun to read. 🙂 And I very much relate to not keeping up with news/politics anymore because Why. There are better ways to spend my mental attention and better headspaces to be in, and…I care about politics and I think people should care about politics, but getting mired in the day-to-day of this or that outrage is just depressing. Book and theology podcasts are much more fun.

    Also relate to the joy of being considered “good” at languages when one only has (in my case) the barest proficiency in Spanish and not even that in German and Latin, but is actively working on changing that because one wants so very much to be good at languages.


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