Augustine on Psalm 1:3

I decided to read some of Augustine's Enarrationes in Psalmos (Expositions on the Psalms) this summer as part of my project to keep up my Latin skills. His interpretation of Psalm 1 is fascinating, as he applies it all both to humans and then as a reference to Christ. You can read the whole thing… Continue reading Augustine on Psalm 1:3

summer tbr (& goals)!

posting this for accountability for myself and also so you all can see what books I'm thinking of reading and maybe be inspired to read some of them yourself (: FOREIGN LANGUAGE Matthew & John (in Greek) some of Augustine's Sermones and/or Ennarrationes (in Latin) Hobbitus Ille (Latin) learn the Hebrew alphabet I will consider… Continue reading summer tbr (& goals)!

restoration’s such a heavy weight

Like a poplar in the winter I’ve been showingJust exactly where my branches reach their endsLike a pillar in the basement I’ve been holdingOnto her and holding strong to where we’ve been Like a tiny wooden figure on the counterI’ve been feeling awful powerless and smallBut the old grandfather clock’s still counting hoursToward the day… Continue reading restoration’s such a heavy weight

hi :)

Today I turned in a five-page draft of a twelve-to-fourteen-page research paper that's due in full in twelve days (no, I definitely wasn't up until 3 am last night working on it), then ran to the dress rehearsal for the play I'm performing in tomorrow & Saturday. Tomorrow I have a project due at 5.… Continue reading hi 🙂

no mourners, no funerals

I almost forgot about this blog for a little while. Hello to the faithful few who still read it 🙂 I'm on spring break for a brief couple more days, and then it's back to the crazy busy wonderful thing that is college daily life. I'm honestly quite stressed and worried about the remainder of… Continue reading no mourners, no funerals

Unsong book covers!

Hello friends! A few months ago I discovered a delightfully nerdy and complex book called Unsong, which you can read for free online here. It imagines that Apollo 8 crashed into the celestial spheres and the world reverted to kabbalistic magic, which is as weird and wonderful as it sounds, and I really enjoyed reading… Continue reading Unsong book covers!

Augustine, Confessions

a selection from 1.1.1 and 1.2.2. translation my own. Great are you, Lord, and very worthy of praise. Great is your power and of your wisdom there is no limit. And man longs to praise you, for he is a part of your creation--man, bearing around his own mortality, bearing the witness of his sin… Continue reading Augustine, Confessions

sunshine blogger tag

Well met, fair friends, and welcome to the woods. I have not been tagged to do this tag, but it's the best way to not do Greek homework right now, and Grim offered it to anyone who wanted it. So here we go. Do you listen to podcasts, and if so what’s your favorite? I… Continue reading sunshine blogger tag

on the seventh day of Christmas

It's been a tradition to share my goals and plans for the new year on this blog for a couple years, so here I am to do that again. I'm currently working out exactly what relationship I want to have with sharing my life on my blog -- when I turned sixteen and was allowed… Continue reading on the seventh day of Christmas

the smashing & dashing character awards, 2022

Hello and welcome again to the woods! Ahem. Well, welcome to my blog, anyway. As you may have noticed, the name at the top of the page changed, but the url didn't, because some unknown fellow Chesterton fan possesses the url "" already. (If you don't know what gaily in the dark means, go read… Continue reading the smashing & dashing character awards, 2022