2021 || goals + plans

I've never seriously made a list of "resolutions" before, but I do think it's going to be very helpful to have a list, and publishing it online means ACCOUNTABILITY which is helpful for me. (Capital letters are present today... I'm not sure why.) writing ➽ FINISH WRITING REMNANT (+ maybe send to alphas?). I've been… Continue reading 2021 || goals + plans

writing in november

november isn't over, but we're getting close. here are some scenes from my writing in november. IN WHICH MAYA IS SURPRISED BY KALRONA maya: *is typing*kalrona: *enters, wearing tan clothes and gold bracelets*maya: NO, you're supposed to be wearing blue and grey and black! you're dark and mysterious, remember?kalrona: nopemaya: ARGHHH why won't you be… Continue reading writing in november

it snowed today.

i am so stressed with school. things are due all the time. i was really looking forward to thanksgiving break until i realized that i still have school to do over break. and five letters to reply to. and (maybe finally) taking pictures of some birthday gifts. and organizing a bunch of messy papers. aghhhh… Continue reading it snowed today.

best birthday ever blog tag

created by julia @ lit aflame (go sign up for her email list! she sends awesome birthday emails!) my birthday was very recent. if you know the date, yay for you! if you don't, don't ask. i won't tell. 1 || describe your birthday day! i was camping with my mom, sister, and littlest brother.… Continue reading best birthday ever blog tag

friday 9/18

7 am || alarm goes off. i smash my hand on it. i've been awake since 6 anyway. 7:30 || my confused sister asks me why i haven't come out for breakfast yet. i mumble something about still being half-asleep (which is half true). 8:00 || i finish breakfast and disappear into my bedroom with… Continue reading friday 9/18