pythia’s leaves

The field was green as EdenThen it withered into brownIn the middle of my grievingThey came and cut it downAnd I was sure that it was all my faultThe day they mowed the garden to the ground What was good, good, goodIs gone, gone, goneAnd there's a little boy who's lost out in the woodsAlways… Continue reading pythia’s leaves

Cathedral book launch!

Hello, friends. I hope some of you are still here -- this blog has been sadly neglected lately. I miss it, but I am enjoying living on my beautiful college campus, and (of course) there are always essays to be written and tests to study for. I'm just popping in to let you know that… Continue reading Cathedral book launch!


I. the way you smiled when youtold me that funny story andall our laughing hours these small thingsmade me feel(almost)lovable, like perhaps i am not broken afterall —  your laughter, your friendshipwhat a precious gift they wereand what a sad permanent thing thepasttense can be. someday we will be together again,this side of eternity orthe next andthen… Continue reading goodbyes