on the seventh day of Christmas

It's been a tradition to share my goals and plans for the new year on this blog for a couple years, so here I am to do that again. I'm currently working out exactly what relationship I want to have with sharing my life on my blog -- when I turned sixteen and was allowed… Continue reading on the seventh day of Christmas

a miscellany

Well met, fair friends. I've missed you. I've been swamped with school (in fact, I still am), but I decided to take a small bit of time out of my day to say hello. How are you? Here are a few miscellaneous happenings... We had false spring here in southern Michigan a few weeks ago.… Continue reading a miscellany


ποίημα: poeima, Greek. anything made or done; hence, a work, invention, deed, or act; a poem. I am his poetryI will not hang my headFor I am his handmade calligraphyI am his masterpieceSo I will not hang my headHis banner is over me ♢♢♢ Lord, when you created meYou decreed that I should beA stanza… Continue reading ποίημα