summer’s end Yesterday I drove away from my assembly line job for the last time, and I realized that I was going to miss it. I won't miss getting up at 4 am. I won't miss the strong language, the crude jokes. I won't miss the exhaustion, counting the hours on the clock, running out of… Continue reading summer’s end

flotsam & jetsam | July 2022

I haven't written this sort of post for a long time, but I miss them. So here is a little collection of random thoughts. I finished rereading the Narnia books recently. Then I tried to rank them. It's very difficult but my list would probably look something like this: The Horse and His BoyThe Silver… Continue reading flotsam & jetsam | July 2022


I. the way you smiled when youtold me that funny story andall our laughing hours these small thingsmade me feel(almost)lovable, like perhaps i am not broken afterall —  your laughter, your friendshipwhat a precious gift they wereand what a sad permanent thing thepasttense can be. someday we will be together again,this side of eternity orthe next andthen… Continue reading goodbyes

this doesn’t hurt as much as i think it should

we met seven years ago at family camp. everyone was mean to him, but i felt sorry and wished i was brave enough to be his friend. we started talking three years ago. we both loved the hobbit. we both enjoyed talking about complicated things. we started writing letters two years ago. i wrote the… Continue reading this doesn’t hurt as much as i think it should