hi :)

Today I turned in a five-page draft of a twelve-to-fourteen-page research paper that's due in full in twelve days (no, I definitely wasn't up until 3 am last night working on it), then ran to the dress rehearsal for the play I'm performing in tomorrow & Saturday. Tomorrow I have a project due at 5.… Continue reading hi 🙂

adventures in small town college living

school. reading copious paragraphs of Cicero every day; every day it becomes a little easier failing to properly memorize Greek verbs ("oh, doesn't that mean kill?" "no, actually just go") arguing about Hamlet on the quad with friends leading a discussion -- enjoying myself despite my lack of preparedness "virtus does NOT mean strength" (as… Continue reading adventures in small town college living

summer’s end

https://open.spotify.com/track/2lVPHHSn8elKFEf1d6evFG?si=f69fa21fc2524bb1 Yesterday I drove away from my assembly line job for the last time, and I realized that I was going to miss it. I won't miss getting up at 4 am. I won't miss the strong language, the crude jokes. I won't miss the exhaustion, counting the hours on the clock, running out of… Continue reading summer’s end

year one.

I'm writing this from a makeshift desk set up under my loft bed, surrounded by the chaos of a mostly-unpacked and partially-organized life. I didn't know I had so much stuff until it was all laid out on the floor of my room. It's a little terrifying. But anyway. I am home -- or, well,… Continue reading year one.

a miscellany

Well met, fair friends. I've missed you. I've been swamped with school (in fact, I still am), but I decided to take a small bit of time out of my day to say hello. How are you? Here are a few miscellaneous happenings... We had false spring here in southern Michigan a few weeks ago.… Continue reading a miscellany