end-of-year things

Hello. I don't know if I'm back for real, or only for a little, or if this is my last post ever (hopefully not). I *do* know that, while I like a lot of things on Instagram, I miss writing random posts for this blog and I want to do it more. How have you… Continue reading end-of-year things

Cathedral book launch!

Hello, friends. I hope some of you are still here -- this blog has been sadly neglected lately. I miss it, but I am enjoying living on my beautiful college campus, and (of course) there are always essays to be written and tests to study for. I'm just popping in to let you know that… Continue reading Cathedral book launch!

january hymn || crown him with many crowns

crown him with many crowns,the lamb upon his throne;hark how the heavenly anthem drownsall music but its own.awake my soul and singof him who died for theeand hail him as thy matchless kingthrough all eternity. crown him the virgin's son,the God incarnate born,whose arm those crimson trophies wonwhich now his brow adorn.fruit of the mystic… Continue reading january hymn || crown him with many crowns