pythia’s leaves

The field was green as EdenThen it withered into brownIn the middle of my grievingThey came and cut it downAnd I was sure that it was all my faultThe day they mowed the garden to the ground What was good, good, goodIs gone, gone, goneAnd there's a little boy who's lost out in the woodsAlways… Continue reading pythia’s leaves

an aesthetic autumnal atmosphere

I've been doing some wandering around my college town lately. It looks, and smells, like fall. The air is crisp, the sky is bright, and as I walk along the neighborhood streets listening to The Hobbit or singing hymns with friends, I take courage. The world is so full of a number of things /… Continue reading an aesthetic autumnal atmosphere

albums at last !!

Friends, it's been eight months and I don't know whether to apologize or just to shrug and say, "Well, you get what you signed up for" (which with me is always a grand delay followed by apologies aplenty). Y'know what, if I don't apologize, then you'll get what you didn't expect: a grand delay and… Continue reading albums at last !!

go back, go back to the ancient paths

I was young a year agoWhen last among these cedar treesI walked the white and lonely paths.Today, the bright blue Huron breezeSings to me a sharp “although” —Though you were young a year agoThese paths find you yet young. A year ago on ancient rocksI stood and cursed, by bitter fearEnraged against the will of… Continue reading go back, go back to the ancient paths

light for the lost girl

And we wake in the night in the womb of the worldWe beat our fists on the doorWe cannot breathe in this sea that swirlsSo we groan in this great darknessFor deliverance So I think I'm going to be trapped in this cycle forever. This constant going back into the same old longing. The desire… Continue reading light for the lost girl

best birthday ever blog tag

created by julia @ lit aflame (go sign up for her email list! she sends awesome birthday emails!) my birthday was very recent. if you know the date, yay for you! if you don't, don't ask. i won't tell. 1 || describe your birthday day! i was camping with my mom, sister, and littlest brother.… Continue reading best birthday ever blog tag

i have nothing to say, but i’m here to say it [ fangirling, aesthetics, hutchmoot, and random poetic prose ]

hey there, friends. it's been a while. last weekend i participated in hutchmoot: homebound, which was an online version of a conference about the intersection of theology and art, plus arguments about the best kind of cheese, poetry readings, kazoomoots, and ents. honestly, i have so many thoughts and at the same time not enough.… Continue reading i have nothing to say, but i’m here to say it [ fangirling, aesthetics, hutchmoot, and random poetic prose ]

the underappreciated genius of andrew peterson

(i'm not sure that's the right title for this post, but let's go with it.) i'm back with no capital letters, because it felt weird using them last time. i'm not sure which i'll stick to. expect inconsistency. anyway, i've been listening to a lot of old andrew peterson songs, and i've found that he's… Continue reading the underappreciated genius of andrew peterson

friday 9/18

7 am || alarm goes off. i smash my hand on it. i've been awake since 6 anyway. 7:30 || my confused sister asks me why i haven't come out for breakfast yet. i mumble something about still being half-asleep (which is half true). 8:00 || i finish breakfast and disappear into my bedroom with… Continue reading friday 9/18