2021 || goals + plans

I've never seriously made a list of "resolutions" before, but I do think it's going to be very helpful to have a list, and publishing it online means ACCOUNTABILITY which is helpful for me. (Capital letters are present today... I'm not sure why.) writing ➽ FINISH WRITING REMNANT (+ maybe send to alphas?). I've been… Continue reading 2021 || goals + plans

writing in november

november isn't over, but we're getting close. here are some scenes from my writing in november. IN WHICH MAYA IS SURPRISED BY KALRONA maya: *is typing*kalrona: *enters, wearing tan clothes and gold bracelets*maya: NO, you're supposed to be wearing blue and grey and black! you're dark and mysterious, remember?kalrona: nopemaya: ARGHHH why won't you be… Continue reading writing in november