2020 favorites || books

listed by genre. all of these books are four or five stars because they're my favorites! books marked with a ♥ are some of my very favorites.books marked with a ➼ were recommended to me by a friend or website.books marked with a ✟ are by a Christian AND include directly or allegorically Christian content.… Continue reading 2020 favorites || books

2020 favorites || movies + tv + youtube

tv shows source MONK || PG, 8 seasons || we've watched about two seasons so far. this show is hilarious and witty and entertaining, but i'm not sure i have the patience for 8 seasons. || ages 13+ (on-screen murder, off-screen sexual content), ★★★★☆ source THE MANDALORIAN || TV-14, 2 seasons (so far) || i… Continue reading 2020 favorites || movies + tv + youtube

2020 favorites || music

before you read this list, i want to direct your attention to a new page on my blog. you can access it by clicking on the heart in the menu. i think you'll like it 😉 songs marked with a ⭑ have mature content. songs marked with a ♥ are my very favorites.songs marked with… Continue reading 2020 favorites || music