hi :)

Today I turned in a five-page draft of a twelve-to-fourteen-page research paper that's due in full in twelve days (no, I definitely wasn't up until 3 am last night working on it), then ran to the dress rehearsal for the play I'm performing in tomorrow & Saturday. Tomorrow I have a project due at 5.… Continue reading hi 🙂

adventures in small town college living

school. reading copious paragraphs of Cicero every day; every day it becomes a little easier failing to properly memorize Greek verbs ("oh, doesn't that mean kill?" "no, actually just go") arguing about Hamlet on the quad with friends leading a discussion -- enjoying myself despite my lack of preparedness "virtus does NOT mean strength" (as… Continue reading adventures in small town college living

summer’s end

https://open.spotify.com/track/2lVPHHSn8elKFEf1d6evFG?si=f69fa21fc2524bb1 Yesterday I drove away from my assembly line job for the last time, and I realized that I was going to miss it. I won't miss getting up at 4 am. I won't miss the strong language, the crude jokes. I won't miss the exhaustion, counting the hours on the clock, running out of… Continue reading summer’s end

carpe aeternitatem

I've been thinking a lot, lately, about life and death and what it means to be mortal. live the life that unfolds before you. love goodness more than you fear evil. ~ Jonathan Rogers It's not a new thing for me to be thinking about. I read The Bark of the Bog Owl when I… Continue reading carpe aeternitatem

year one.

I'm writing this from a makeshift desk set up under my loft bed, surrounded by the chaos of a mostly-unpacked and partially-organized life. I didn't know I had so much stuff until it was all laid out on the floor of my room. It's a little terrifying. But anyway. I am home -- or, well,… Continue reading year one.

more disorganized than Radagast (with Queen’s Thief aesthetics!)

(Because, y'know, Radagast actually isn't in The Hobbit, and also I'm pretty sure he was more organized than whatever the heck the movies made him out to be. And this post actually does have a modicum of organization.) I just finished Return of the Thief, which means that I've officially finished my first reread of… Continue reading more disorganized than Radagast (with Queen’s Thief aesthetics!)

a miscellany

Well met, fair friends. I've missed you. I've been swamped with school (in fact, I still am), but I decided to take a small bit of time out of my day to say hello. How are you? Here are a few miscellaneous happenings... We had false spring here in southern Michigan a few weeks ago.… Continue reading a miscellany

my favorite ships

In honor of it being Valentine's Day, I thought I'd write a short post about some of my favorite fictional romances. (An earlier version of this was once a page on this blog... sorry, CC, but I think it's gone to stay; take this post instead? ^_^) Keep in mind that this is meant to… Continue reading my favorite ships

light for the lost girl

And we wake in the night in the womb of the worldWe beat our fists on the doorWe cannot breathe in this sea that swirlsSo we groan in this great darknessFor deliverance So I think I'm going to be trapped in this cycle forever. This constant going back into the same old longing. The desire… Continue reading light for the lost girl

I love the church year.

Friends, I really, really love the church year. I'm listening to a playlist of my favorite Christian songs, and "Easter Song" by Jess Ray is playing, and it's bringing back memories of the Easter season and GAHHH I want it to be Easter right now. But I'm also very ecstatic for the rest of the… Continue reading I love the church year.