end-of-year things

Hello. I don't know if I'm back for real, or only for a little, or if this is my last post ever (hopefully not). I *do* know that, while I like a lot of things on Instagram, I miss writing random posts for this blog and I want to do it more. How have you… Continue reading end-of-year things

Cathedral book launch!

Hello, friends. I hope some of you are still here -- this blog has been sadly neglected lately. I miss it, but I am enjoying living on my beautiful college campus, and (of course) there are always essays to be written and tests to study for. I'm just popping in to let you know that… Continue reading Cathedral book launch!

borrowed grief

borrowed griefisa strange weight,a curious burden:something that is not yoursand yetyou bear it anyway.does it help those to whom it belongs?perhaps not.no,it only brings you needless sorrow.but this is a sorrow you have chosen. this borrowed griefis a strange and discordant emotion,a reminder of the reality of death.it is not mine, and yetI have chosen… Continue reading borrowed grief

Instagram! (+ I’m done with high school!)

Hey friends! Just popping in briefly to let you know that I'm done with school now and thus may be able to post more frequently. AND, I'm on Instagram now! My public account is @mayajoelleauthor and my private account is @mayajtoman (I only accept requests from people I know :)). See you all soon, either… Continue reading Instagram! (+ I’m done with high school!)

the sunshine blogger award

I've been tagged for a ridiculous number of tags lately, and so I decided to mix things up and do one on this blog rather than my other. Thank you, Mia, for making this possible. if you had to talk for fifteen minutes about something, what would it be? "Had to"? Oh, you poor naive… Continue reading the sunshine blogger award

reader survey :)

Hello and welcome, friends! As the title of my post says, I need your help today. I’ve created a survey for all my blog and email list readers: a collection of questions about my theme, brand, and writing style. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I write and what audience I’m writing for,… Continue reading reader survey 🙂

2021 || goals + plans

I've never seriously made a list of "resolutions" before, but I do think it's going to be very helpful to have a list, and publishing it online means ACCOUNTABILITY which is helpful for me. (Capital letters are present today... I'm not sure why.) writing ➽ FINISH WRITING REMNANT (+ maybe send to alphas?). I've been… Continue reading 2021 || goals + plans

best birthday ever blog tag

created by julia @ lit aflame (go sign up for her email list! she sends awesome birthday emails!) my birthday was very recent. if you know the date, yay for you! if you don't, don't ask. i won't tell. 1 || describe your birthday day! i was camping with my mom, sister, and littlest brother.… Continue reading best birthday ever blog tag

the everything star wars blogathon || movie ranking + random thoughts

hello, i'm tired and i have school to do but here i am to talk about star wars. (ignore the fact that i just posted yesterday. as of yesterday, i did not know that today was the last day to participate in this blogathon, and despite my lack of star-wars-y knowledge, i... really want to… Continue reading the everything star wars blogathon || movie ranking + random thoughts

i have nothing to say, but i’m here to say it [ fangirling, aesthetics, hutchmoot, and random poetic prose ]

hey there, friends. it's been a while. last weekend i participated in hutchmoot: homebound, which was an online version of a conference about the intersection of theology and art, plus arguments about the best kind of cheese, poetry readings, kazoomoots, and ents. honestly, i have so many thoughts and at the same time not enough.… Continue reading i have nothing to say, but i’m here to say it [ fangirling, aesthetics, hutchmoot, and random poetic prose ]