summer tbr (& goals)!

posting this for accountability for myself and also so you all can see what books I’m thinking of reading and maybe be inspired to read some of them yourself (:


  • Matthew & John (in Greek)
  • some of Augustine’s Sermones and/or Ennarrationes (in Latin)
  • Hobbitus Ille (Latin)
  • learn the Hebrew alphabet

I will consider this reading goal met if I complete both gospels, read Latin at least once a week, and learn the Hebrew alphabet.


  • Bible reading
  • Book of Concord (I want to make a serious dent in this!)
  • The Great Divide, This is My Body, Loci Theologici, Changing Churches, Between Wittenberg and Geneva, Ecce Homo — I want to read some/all of some of these. Generally I’m just hoping to spend time thinking about theology this summer!
  • maybe This Beautiful Truth by Sarah Clarkson?

I will consider this reading goal met if I finish at least one theology book and read the Bible consistently.


  • The Monsters and the Critics
  • The Weight of Glory
  • Anabasis
  • How to Be Unlucky
  • A Fiery Gospel
  • maybe some Plato?
  • Oration on the Dignity of Man

I will consider this reading goal met if I read at least three of the above books.


  • The Two Towers, The Return of the King, & Unfinished Tales
  • The Death of Ivan Ilych
  • The Brothers Karamazov
  • Les Miserables (because I’ve been “in the middle” of this for four years or something)
  • Moira’s Pen
  • maybe make a dent in my Wheel of Time reread and/or read some Sanderson
  • Manalive
  • Jane Eyre (because I promised my sister I would)
  • maybe some Flannery O’Connor (to discuss with a friend)
  • Peace Like a River
  • at least one YA fantasy (currently thinking about something historical like The Light Between Worlds, A Natural History of Dragons, Sorcerer to the Crown, Witherward, or The Lord of Stariel)
  • maybe I’ll try Pierce Brown again? probably starting with book four, Iron Gold

I will consider this reading goal met if I finish the Tolkien books, read at least one very long classic novel, read Jane Eyre, and read at least two fantasy or “not intellectual” books.

(to listen to on the way to/from work; I can only audiobook very specific genres, or I need to have read them before)

  • finish Northanger Abbey
  • Persuasion
  • Piranesi
  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • The Yearling

I will consider this reading goal met if I finish both Austens and Piranesi.


  • go outside every day
  • write letters consistently
  • write for fun at least twice a month
  • keep up with communication with college friends
  • finish Sherlock & Shadow and Bone
  • play the piano at least once a month
  • memorize one poem per month
  • teach myself calculus

I will consider these goals met if I write at least one letter to all of my penpals, answer messages within a reasonable time frame, write a poem or edit my novel at least twice a month, practice piano some, memorize three poems, understand calculus, and go outside a lot. These are more of habits I want to form than goals I have to meet exactly. (Also I want to finish my TV shows!)

All right, that is all for now. I hope you are all having a lovely beginning of summer. I’ll be back to talk about my sophomore year sometime, maybe!

I was actually getting really sad about summer until I wrote this post; I’ll be working full time and far away from friends. But look at all the amazing things I will hopefully do! God is good.


2 thoughts on “summer tbr (& goals)!”

  1. This is such a great reading list! I should make something like this for myself for the summer…

    The Weight of Glory is one of my favorite nonfiction books by C. S. Lewis–every essay is excellent!

    (I feel like this comment is just going to turn into me squealing about books, but…)
    The Death of Ivan Ilych is REALLY SUPER GOOD, as is The Brothers K. I really surprised myself senior year of high school by figuring out that I actually love Russian literature, but I do, and both of those are ones I’ve enjoyed.
    Les Mis is a good book, but one has to be in the mood to hear about the Parisian sewers at times…(which I actually found super fascinating, but I am weird that way).
    I hope you enjoy Jane Eyre! Your sister has good taste. 🙂
    I just read Peace Like A River and absolutely LOVED it! I’m confused about why I hadn’t head about it more before this.

    I’m in the same boat as you about feeling sad about summer! I know it’s going to be amazing (and I’m looking forward to spending time with my family) but I’m also going to miss my friends and the community here so much!


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