adventures in small town college living


  • reading copious paragraphs of Cicero every day; every day it becomes a little easier
  • failing to properly memorize Greek verbs (“oh, doesn’t that mean kill?” “no, actually just go“)
  • arguing about Hamlet on the quad with friends
  • leading a discussion — enjoying myself despite my lack of preparedness
  • “virtus does NOT mean strength” (as my professor hits the table)


  • an unplanned photoshoot that turned into an indie folk band album cover
  • surprising people for their birthdays (a LOT)
  • conversations in the dark with the wind blowing the fountain
  • studying in a stone gazebo with the wind blowing our hair and book pages
  • getting ready for garden party in my room, paraphernalia strewn everywhere
  • arguing about Galadriel in the dorm lobby over nachos and laughter


  • evening prayer and hymns, a blessed reminder of solace midst a storm of homework
  • arguing about free will and communion and everything in between
  • “oh, that’s the Calvinist Summa
  • deciding I was obviously predestined to be Lutheran
  • quiet prayers and the sign of the cross at mealtimes
  • re-reading parts of The Ballad of the White Horse: “naught for your comfort,” but “gaily in the dark”


  • wearing my hobbit dress and drinking pumpkin spice cold brew and feeling very fallish
  • short phone conversations with my sister about nothing and everything
  • “Thalassa, Thalassa” — Dr. G. every time I raise my hand in class
  • sailing on Baw Beese with the wind in my face and the cloudy sky above
  • singing Abide With Me as I walk back alone to my dorm one night

God is good, and by His will, my rage now turns to desperate faith; my bitter soul has found His way.

[ gaily in the dark ]

~ Thalassa : )

p.s. hello dear Anne Neville and any other Tolkienian stalkers… I know you’re there.


11 thoughts on “adventures in small town college living”

  1. This is so lovely! It sounds like an absolutely wonderful time.

    (mixing up kill and go in Greek. XD Hilarious!)

    Surprising people for their birthdays is so much fun!!

    I am really very curious about what the “Calvinist Summa” quote refers to?

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  2. Your predestined to be Lutheran statement reminds me of a class discussion where someone said, “we always come back to Calvinism, don’t we?” And I was like, “it makes one think, maybe we’re predestined to, huh?”

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