2020 favorites

2020 favorites || movies + tv + youtube

tv shows

MONK || PG, 8 seasons || we’ve watched about two seasons so far. this show is hilarious and witty and entertaining, but i’m not sure i have the patience for 8 seasons. || ages 13+ (on-screen murder, off-screen sexual content), ★★★★☆

THE MANDALORIAN || TV-14, 2 seasons (so far) || i absolutely love this show, and i don’t really like star wars (except rogue one). the writing, directing, acting, filming, etc. is all amazing (as far as i can tell) and the story is captivating. can’t wait for season 3. || ages 10+ (violence, occasional language), ★★★★☆

THE CHOSEN || TV-PG, 1 season (2nd in filming, 8 planned) || this is my favorite tv show of all time, and i recommend it to everyone. it’s a biblical fiction show, based on and inspired by the gospels (with lots of word-for-word bible verses), from the point of view of the disciples — mainly matthew, simon peter, and mary magdalene. it portrays Jesus so well and is a beautiful, moving story. please watch it. || ages 8+ (violence, occasional references to prostitution), ★★★★★


THIS BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC || PG || described as a “modern fairy tale,” this movie is simply lovely. it’s about overcoming fear, and being a storyteller (even when you’re afraid to write), and making the world more beautiful. || ages 12+ (occasional language), ★★★★★

ONWARD || PG || aghh, the moment when ian realizes that his brother has been there for everything his dad couldn’t… *cries* || ages 6+ (rude language), ★★★★☆

HAMILTON || PG-13 || probably the best musical i’ve ever seen. the lyrics, music, acting, dancing, costumes, and set are all incredible. add to that a fantastic filming job and it’s something i want to watch a million times. || ages 15+ (language, sexual content), ★★★★★

THE HUNGER GAMES + CATCHING FIRE || PG-13 || i didn’t expect to love these as much as i do. i re-skimmed the books afterwards and realized they’re actually quite different, but i enjoyed watching them so, so much, especially johanna and finnick. || ages 14+ (language, intense violence, occasional sexual content), ★★★★☆

TOLKIEN || PG-13 || this gorgeous, gritty movie is full of sehnsucht. i adore it. despite its non-historical accuracy (and how the tolkien estate doesn’t like it — which i don’t understand). 100% recommend, even if you haven’t read tolkien/watched lotr. || ages 12+ (mild language, war violence), ★★★★★

re-watched this year|| gattaca, cinderella, how to train your dragon: the hidden world


BYU VOCAL POINT || a capella harmonies give me peace when i’m stressed. || all ages

HANNAH BAYLES || i love her reaction videos! and her voice! || some of the songs she reacts to have mature content, so only watch what you’re comfortable with; her reactions are appropriate for all ages

ABBIE EMMONS + KATE EMMONS || both sisters make informative writing videos! i especially love kate’s minimalistic, nature-full videos, plus their podcast. || ages 12+ (content isn’t inappropriate, but you need to be older to understand it)

THE KING’S ACADEMY || this amazing Christian high school produces musicals at near-broadway quality, and they’re free on youtube! my favorites so far are titanic and newsies. || many of their shows are appropriate for all ages, but look each one up before watching

TWISTED TRANSLATIONS || malinda kathleen reese takes things (mostly songs, some instructions, etc.) through google translate in multiple different languages, then makes videos of the new translations. it’s quite hilarious and addictive. || preview videos before watching with kids; her intros are mostly appropriate but she does sing whatever comes out of google translate, which can be mature/uncomfortable

DUDE PERFECT || for some reason i (and 54 million other people) like watching adult guys randomly yell at each other, eat waffles, and get insanely excited about sports and painting and snakes. it doesn’t hurt that they’re Christian and family-friendly. || (pretty much) all ages (though some — including me xD — will be uncomfortable with the amount of yelling and destruction in some videos)

what movies/shows did you enjoy this year? have you seen the chosen? do you have any favorite youtube channels i should check out?

pax gratiaque,

14 thoughts on “2020 favorites || movies + tv + youtube”

  1. Ooh yes! The Chosen is incredible!! I’m very excited for season 2. 😀 I haven’t watched any of your other suggestions I don’t think. Oh, except for Hamilton! I really loved it after I watched it but now I just like it. 🙂 It’s done impressively well and it seems pretty unique (though I’m certainly no musical expert).
    I read the Hunger Games this year and I’d kinda like to watch the movies eventually but also don’t want to because I generally don’t have a lot of stomach for gore/violence. So we’ll see.
    I finally watched Dude Perfect this year even though I thought it seemed weird and too sport-y for me but alas I have joined the other 54 million subscribers. XD They are pretty hilarious and entertaining to watch!

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    1. Ooh, I love that you love The Chosen too! Hamilton seems to be getting something of a mixed reaction among my friends. Some were really disappointed (I think because there aren’t many new things that you don’t already get in the cast album). Personally I was wowed and I love it, but I can see why you might not.
      Yeah… I guess I’m good at ignoring that now 😛 I tend to just look away during the most violent battles though.
      I know!! I don’t like sports almost at all but I love their videos.

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  2. EEEEEEEP The Mandalorian! Hands-down the best thing I’ve watched this year. AND DID YOU WATCH THE CLIP AT THE END OF THE LAST EPISODE???? *dies* I got the impression that this is the end of The Mandalorian (*sobs*), because of the conclusion of the last episode, and the credits music was way different and there was no art! What do you think? And also, if you watched the end clip, it’s…. like….. mind-blowing??
    Hey hey! My family actually just started watching The Chosen, and we love it!! *hugs all the characters* It’s pretty amazing to see.
    I haven’t seen Onward yet! Crazy, I know, and I’m not even sure why.
    Yesss, The Hunger Games is great, although I’m not a huge fan of Katniss, and also I hate love triangles. *hides*
    Ah, yes! I loved Tolkien. I can’t remember much of it, so I should really watch it again.
    *gasps* I’ve never heard of The King’s Academy, But they do Newsies? *instantly interested*
    BAHAHAA yes, Dude Perfect is great. I don’t even like sports, but I somehow love them. I still can’t tell Cory and Coby apart, though, and I’ve been watching them for a loooong time. XD
    Love this post, and I’ll be checking out your other suggestions!

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      *hugs my cinnamon roll Matthew* (I made the mistake of telling my brother that sometimes writers call their charries cinnamon rolls, smol beans, etc. and now every time Matthew comes on the screen, he says, “oh look it’s your smol cinnamon roll”)

      I… also hate love triangles and don’t like Katniss much, so *high fives* I just love Finnick and Johanna! And Ballad!

      Haha, I don’t even know if I can tell them apart. I just like watching Overtime XD

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      1. *sobs with you* BUT ALSO. Have you heard they’re making a show about Cassian Andor??????? *fangirl squeals* I seriously hope they go through with that, because Cassian is one of my favorite SW characters. ❤
        Hehehe, Matthew is great. He cracks me up, for some reason. XD Oh boy, that's so funny. I think if I told any of my siblings what we writers call our characters they would be slightly weeeeirded out. XD
        Whoohooo! *high fives* Oooh, I can't say if I love Ballad or not. I got it from the library and started it, but I only got a short way in before I had to send it back. 😦 One of these days I'll get it again, lol. I'm not sure if I'll like it a whole lot, since I can't stand Snow AT ALL.

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  3. I haven’t seen (or even heard of) The Chosen, but now I really want to. XD There’s a serious lack of quality Biblical shows out there!!! And yesss, Onward 😭

    Dude Perfect is amazing. My brother and I have actually met three of them (after stalking their office for an hour XDD)!

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    1. OH GOODNESS I definitely should have told you about The Chosen before! *hides* I already sent out your letter so I can’t put that in now, but I wish I could. You NEED to see it.

      Ahh that’s so cool! Which ones did you meet? *is jealous* I would move to Texas if a) I wasn’t still in high school, b) it wasn’t so hot, and c) I didn’t want to go to college in Michigan XD


    2. @Kenechi, Yeah, it was really cool! 😀

      @Maya, I’m definitely adding The Chosen to my watchlist! Just gotta get my fam on board…

      We’ve met Garrett, Ty, and Cody! 🙂 The twins keep evading us. xD

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