2020 favorites || music

before you read this list, i want to direct your attention to a new page on my blog. you can access it by clicking on the heart in the menu. i think you’ll like it 😉

songs marked with a have mature content.
songs marked with a ♥ are my very favorites.
songs marked with a were recommended to me by a friend.


evermore || taylor swift
eustace scrubb || sarah sparks
the storm || the arcadian wild
the brave one || andy gullahorn
the coral castle || andrew peterson
wolves of the revolution || the arcadian wild
from this one place || sara groves
the call || regina spektor hawkeyerules
every second || vocal few
this my soul || the gray havens


source || jj heller cover art

searching for us || skye peterson
saint are you burdened || sarah sparks
constellations || ellie holcomb
steady as she goes || andrew peterson
happy [ or whatever ] || taylor leonheardt hutchmoot: homebound
behold the man, pt. one || sarah sparks
why walk when you can fly || andrew peterson
find you here || ellie holcomb

source || art by sarah sparks

the ninety and nine || andrew peterson
kindness || jess ray
psalm 116 [ acoustic ] || mission house hutchmoot: homebound
how great thou art || simon khorolskiy
don’t you want to thank someone || andrew peterson
dear me || nichole nordman havalah
o come, o come emmanuel || jj heller
psalm 46 [ lord of hosts ] || shane & shane olivia
rise up || andrew peterson


She's excited to do Teenager Stuff™ | Mean girls, Theatre kid, Musical art
source || mean girls fanart

empty chairs at empty tables || les mis [ gareth gates ]
beautiful ghosts || cats [ taylor swift ]
do you hear the people sing || les mis [ 2010 live ]
dead mom || beetlejuice
i’d rather be me || mean girls ⭑
words fail || dear evan hansen ♥
i dreamed a dream || les mis [ anne hathaway ] ➼ voice lessons

Anya and Dmitri - In a crowd of thousands / At the beggining | Anastasia  movie, Anastasia broadway, Anastasia musical
source || anastasia fanart

all you wanna do || six ⭑emily
matchmaker || fiddler on the roof [ 2016 ]
what’s wrong with me || mean girls
holding out for a hero || footloose [ annapantsu ]
wait for me [ reprise ] || hadestown
the history of wrong guys || kinky boots ⭑
audition [ the fools who dream ] || la la land
it’s quiet uptown || hamilton
evermore || beauty and the beast
speechless || aladdin

geniusbee | Hamilton fanart, Hamilton musical, Hamilton
source || hamilton fanart

true love || frozen
miracle of miracles || fiddler on the roof [ 2016 ]
the next right thing || frozen 2
for forever || dear evan hansen
lily’s eyes || the secret gardenmy mom
in a crowd of thousands || anastasia
joseph all the time || joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat
i see stars || mean girls
city of stars || la la land

soundtracks / instrumentals

source || the chosen fanart

tolkien c.m.
the mandalorian
this beautiful fantastic olivia + abbie
the chosen starjoy + amelie
lord of the rings / the hobbit
thor: ragnarok
correspondence: an instrumental
the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe
gladiator my dad
the piano guys
joel clarkson s.d. smith
the theory of everything olivia


source || levi the poet quote

grow as we go || ben platt
water’s rise || ella mine the rabbit room
hand to hold || jj heller
God’s country || blake shelton
correspondence: a fiction || levi the poet havilah
in case you don’t live forever || ben platt
sound and fury || ella mine
i haven’t either || andy gullahorn allison
happy anywhere || blake shelton feat. gwen stefani
turning out || ajr megan

Lucy Gray Baird and Coriolanus Snow in 2020 | Hunger games fandom, Hunger  games humor, Hunger games
source || ballad fanart

i dare you || kelly clarkson
keep forgiving || levi the poet
addict with a pen || twenty-one pilots ⭑ essie
it’s complicated || propaganda ⭑
never be alone || shawn mendes charis
ahavat olam || the platt brothers
the dark night of the soul || levi the poet
the ballad of lucy gray baird || emma lee olivia
when we were young || adele ⭑ ellery
joyful, joyful we adore thee || libera
may it be || voces8 the grim writer
pictures of mountains || cody fryallison

what music did you listen to in 2020? do you like any of these songs? is my list wayyyy too long? 😛

also… how are you doing? how is advent going for you?

to God alone be the glory, for His stories are true.

8 thoughts on “2020 favorites || music”

  1. I think I recognize some of the songs, yep! 🙂 Mostly from musicals. I discovered Empty Chairs at Empty Tables this year as well and oh my goodness, my heart. Music doesn’t usually make me cry but…yeah, that made me cry pretty hard. Also Hadestown. Thumbs up for that. And Anastasia. And Dead Mom. And It’s Quiet Uptown. And some of the Dear Evan Hansen songs. Goodness, I’ve listened to a ton of musicals this year…!! As for other stuff, it’s mostly been stuff in Gaelic or Russian (Simon Khorolisky–all the heart eyes, people). Or Voces8. (Paul Smith’s Nunc Dimittis, oh my goodness.) Or the Wailin’ Jennies. (Anything off their album Firecracker, particularly. And especially Long Time Traveler and Prairie town. More songs that make me cry. I guess I’ve been doing a lot of crying as well as listening to music, lol.)
    And Advent is going quite well! I like the efficiency of fasting, I must say. Food seems like such a waste of time, so on the days when I’ve been fasting, I’m actually more like ‘score, more time for school’, lol. 😉 (Perhaps that means I should be doing something else for a penance instead. Hmm. *has existential crisis over the blog comment*)
    Also, I read the OTP page, and let me just say, Gilphie is the most adorable ship name ever. Also, I’m really glad I’m not the only one who invents ship names for my own characters…;D
    Look at that, I just wrote a comment that was nearly proportionally long to your post. *winces* Sorry…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, no problem, I love long comments. The only downside is trying to reply to everything in them…

      Can you send me some Gaelic song recs? I’ve never tried any (that I can remember).

      Oh, I didn’t know you did fasting in Advent! In the Lutheran church, we only really fast in Lent (though maybe some Lutherans fast in Advent? idk). Advent is much more joyful, though there’s still that somber air about it.

      😀 I totally invent ship names for my charries. Alll the time. My favorite so far is Niphie, which is Nigel/Sophie and is totally noncanon but somehow my brain thought of it. XD

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Ha, I can imagine…
        I certainly can! I’d give you names but they’re kinda hard to spell, ha, so I’ll email you a playlist in a sec here–although, if you want Gaelic songs, in general, I would suggest the YouTube channel M. Máire Ní Shúilleabháin (heh, like I said, hard to spell), ’cause they put up a ton of Gaelic-songs with English lyric videos. 🙂
        We sorta do–it’s kinda like you guys, much more joyful, but we do fast some. Also, the autumn Ember Days come right at the end of Advent, so that adds to it. (Uh…Ember Days are an old Catholic tradition; three days at the end of every season of the year–meaning the weather seasons, spring, fall, winter, summer–where you fast and pray in thanksgiving for the blessings God bestows through the earth/harvests/etc.)
        Haha, that one is also adorable. Although rather non-canon, I agree. ;D I have invented a few I’m very fond of (Cliodhna/Diarmid = Cliarmid, particularly), but the difficulty of combining Gaelic or Nordic names (most of my naming schemes run along those lines) into something pronounceable has kinda put me off of it, lol. (Ex: this may or may not be a canon ship, but if you can combine Fiadh/Aine into a word that sounds decent I’ll give you a medal, lol. XD )

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  2. I’m not sure why the chain landed me down here but whatever…
    Haha, there’s an idea…!! FEE-ahn and then just Anya. So I’d have to consult my guide but methinks Fiane would be FEE-ya. So…not bad, I guess? I ought to look at my guide though…
    I know, it’s just lovely! The name and the tradition both make me feel like one of ‘em super devout medieval peasants lol, so points for that. 😂

    Liked by 2 people

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