I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. [ + Inktober poem 1 ]


And so my favorite month begins.

To celebrate, I caught a horrendous cold (it’s not COVID! but that’s the only good thing about it!), tried writing with capital letters again (what do you think?), went to a virtual preview day for New College Franklin, freaked out about applying to colleges (again), and watched the first episode of Wives and Daughters.

Now I’m working away at school, hoping to get it done before dinner so I can celebrate October even more by hiding in my room with the next episode and drinking hot tea (maybe not at the same time).

You know, I really don’t like tea, except when I have a cold, in which case it becomes a valuable commodity and I bemoan my sore throat entirely too much.

I wrote a recap of my September in this email list… um, email. (Yeah, it doesn’t actually say <<your first name>> if you’re subscribed. Then it looks like I actually addressed it to you! Spoiler: I didn’t.)

From death she casts her spell
All night we hear her sighs
And now a girl has come

Who has her eyes

I like reading fall-y books in fall, but as I recently reread Harry Potter and I’m saving my reread of The Scorpio Races for November, I’m kind of out of ideas. Any suggestions?

I’m listening to “Lily’s Eyes” from The Secret Garden. The book is one of my very favorite middle grade novels, but I’ve never seen the musical and have only heard a few songs. Still. This one gives me chills. You simply must listen to it. (Some of my favorite lyrics are on the picture to the left. image source)

Is it weird that it makes me think of Harry Potter? (I mean, the guy who’s singing that is named Neville. Also *ahem* Lily’s eyes? Which every single HP character seems to be obsessed with?)

Off to do some school…

Also. Today I’m going to try to reply to my mountain of letters. Here’s hoping I’ll have time! And this morning I answered one of my emails. I usually get back to emails pretty quickly, if they’re things like “can you make it Saturday?” or “did you read this?” But not when they’re 1.5k long and full of interesting questions like “what do you think of old earth creationism?” and “is Snape a hero or villain?” (Sorry to my email and pen friends for how long I take to reply.)

I wrote a poem for Inktober (started it yesterday, finished today). The prompt was “fish,” and here’s the result:

(public domain)

Yeahhh, I’m… not sure where that came from.

Now I have to go and write the one for today. The prompt is “wisp,” and I’m thinking something fairy tale-ish.

I think this post is long enough now. So tell me what books remind you of fall and if you like my capitalization or not.


(And you must hear “Lily’s Eyes.”)

P.S. Here’s some of my Inktober poetry from last year.

14 thoughts on “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. [ + Inktober poem 1 ]”

  1. Love this post, Maya! ❤ For autumn book recs: I must suggest A Series of Unfortunate Events, A Wrinkle In Time, Great Expectations, any of the Anne of Green Gables or Emily of New Moon books, and Fawkes by Nadine Brandes, Not sure how many of those are actually autumn-ish in any way (or how much you want to re-read any of those, if you haven’t read them before), but those are the ones that came to mind. 🙂 I’m about to get cozy and read Harry Potter myself (but for my first time!). 😌
    I will definitely be giving “Lily’s Eyes” a listen. I’m so sorry for the enormous comment, but since I know you’re an AP fan, I must ask… have you listened to Wake Low’s new songs?

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    1. thank you so much for the recommendations! ❤ i have read all of those except great expectations… might reread fawkes or anne/emily sometime soon! those are great ideas.

      yay! you must tell me how that goes.

      yes, i've heard 1.5 of them (need to go back and finish listening to the second). what did you think? (and no worries, i love long comments ;))

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      1. Of course! ❤

        Yes! I read almost all of the first book in one sitting, if that tells you something! XD I'm definitely a fan, oh my goodness. I'm hooked.

        Okay, awesome! XD I personally love them sooooooo much. I think I prefer "Testify" to "How Did We Get Here" but they're stylistically different and I love them both in different ways. What did you think? For me, listening to their music (along with NAMO and Skye's solo ep) makes me feel so old in a way…😭 I remember whenever we'd listen to AP's songs with Skye doing vocals (especially "The Voice of Jesus" and "Be Kind to Yourself") my parents would tell me that we're not too far apart in age and agh. It just brings on such nostalgia. I love those kids. (And oh I'm so glad you don't mind my rambles because it's happening again XD)

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  2. I enjoyed your poetry, Maya!

    Have you read the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson? I guess I never really sorted out my books according to seasons… currently I’m reading LotR and going to start Golden Son. I do watch quite a few scifi movies in the fall though!

    I LOVE THAT SONG. Guess I’m not the only one to feel HP vibes from it. 😀 I have the entire Broadway cast album, but I dislike the voice of the singer for, ah, I forgot the name, Colin’s father. I mean, I liked him just fine in Princess Bride, but the voice is not my favorite to listen to. How much I wish Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess could do a re-recording! That video link you put is very good though! 🙂 Other than this, A Girl in the Valley and Come to My Garden are my favorite songs from The Secret Garden

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    1. Haha, I’m glad you did. It was very… odd. XD

      I haven’t, but I really do want to. I’m sort of saving Sanderson for a graduation present to myself. And ohh, Golden Son!! I read four of the Red Rising books but I stopped because the profanity and other content was making me uncomfortable. May go back and finish it someday…

      I really like “Wick,” “The Girl I Mean To Be,” and… one other one I can’t remember. I’ve only heard a few so far, though.

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  3. This was a great post! Makes me want to write something analytical about fall. Which might be a weird reaction. Fall feels like a time for old books and scary stories—so Moth Manor comes to mind. But that might be more of a November book. But it’s not a December book.

    I think I’m about to read Sing With Understanding as a fall read because the cover is brown. And that feels right. But first I have to finish Xenocide (I listened to your wise counsel, oh Maya of Octobers, and am further exploring the Enderverse).

    Also—you’re forgiven for not responding to letters quickly, but know this: I’ve been composing letters to you in my head for a couple of weeks now. So my next response will either be FANTASTIC or a NIGHTMARE.

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    1. I should love to read an analytical post about fall by you.

      Hooray! I do hope you like it. Children of the Mind is probably my favorite of that series.

      I just wrote a letter today, and I’m fairly sure it was a nightmare, but I guess you can be the judge of that.

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      1. Then perhaps I shall write one….

        Well, a certain death made me cry, but then I couldn’t put the book down and…

        Petition to say we don’t exchange letters, we exchange nightmares.

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  4. Loved this post so much! For some reason I found that poem to be extremely satisfying and well…almost cute. On the one hand I picture like, maybe a nature enthusiast girl and a grumpy one going fishing (I like the fact that my only impression of the 2nd one was ‘grumpy’) and on the other hand I was thinking of Smeagol and Deagol. Sooo…not quite sure what the ambience was, but I liked it, heehee…
    For fall books I like The Mysterious Benedict Society, anything Narnia (esp Horse and His Boy), and probably the Louisa May Alcott books? Have you read any of the sequels to Little Women? What about Eight Cousins?
    And you’re quite forgiven as far as the letter thing goes, ha; heaven knows highschool is all encompassing. 😀
    P.S. Also, hope you get well soon! 😦

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    1. Haha, that’s funny. It was surprisingly refreshing to write.

      Yes, I’ve read all the Little Women books (sort of obsessed with those right now) and Eight Cousins (and Rose in Bloom). (I just skimmed a retelling of LW called “Jo and Laurie” and while it was definitely radically different, it actually made me ship them, which is crazy because I’m a huge Jo/Bhaer fan. It didn’t hurt that Bhaer actually didn’t exist in this version.)

      Thank you! I slowly am. 😉


      1. Ha, yeah, I can imagine.
        They are all so good! I just found a bunch of them online (public domain, y’know) and I hadn’t read ’em in years, so I’ve been rereading them and just totally freaking out over Little Men. I might even like that one better than the first one…Dan in particular is just such a good character. ❤ Really?! I can't imagine shipping those two, 'cause not only am I huge Jo/Bhaer fan, I'm also a huge Amy/Laurie fan…but hey, who knows?
        Good. 🙂

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