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rambles from an exhausted and overwhelmed senior, part the first (wednesday, september 16)

i’m doing my latin homework, headphones jammed in to block out the world, instrumental music (supposedly less distracting) blasting into my head, and suddenly “what child is this” comes on.

and suddenly i want to write about it.

*sigh* it’s a christmas song (my fingers wanted to capitalize that, but i wouldn’t let them because… aesthetic? i don’t even know) and therefore i should write about it in december… but it’s playing in my ears right now.

nails, spear shall pierce him through

the cross be borne for me, for you

hello. it’s been six days. now i’m back.

that song is still beautiful, by the way.

i discovered that “hoist the colors” by christine slagman is hauntingly beautiful. next up: does it come from potc, or not? (i can’t even remember how i discovered it?)

aha. it is from potc, at world’s end specifically.


i’ve been translating ovid’s metamorphoses into english (from the original latin) for school. it’s very fun (yes, really). i didn’t like ap latin last year much, but lukeion’s latin 5 is making me so excited for studying latin in college. *squeals*

here’s a small section from book one, about the creation of humans (i slightly edited it from what i submitted for class; my teacher likes literal translations but those often make absolutely no sense to someone who doesn’t know latin xD):

the new earth, lately taken from the high air, still kept seeds kindred to the sky, and prometheus, having mixed the seeds with streams of rain, shaped them into an image of the all-ruling gods. and while other animals, bent over, look at the ground, he gave to man a raised countenance and ordered them to see the sky and, upright, to lift their faces to the stars.

it really reminds me of the creation story from genesis.

i recently discovered pixabay, a free online public domain pictures site that allows you to star your favorite images and find them later. the “illustrations” section is full of beautiful art. (warning: the settings on my computer blog adult content, but there does appear to be a lot of it on pixabay)

so i decided to pick one and write a short piece on it. unedited, off the top of my head right now. enjoy.

the words are still running through his mind [ w e t h e f i r e w a l k e r s o f n e w c i t y ]. it’s been twelve years but they’re still there. they’ll never be gone. when you write something, when it’s yours, then it never leaves you.

he brushes a strand of his ashy hair from his face [ a n d w h e n t h e f i r e c o m e s , w e w i l l b e r e a d y ].

he grasps his necklace [ l e t t h i s s y m b o l b e a b o n d , a b r a n d ].

he closes his eyes [ a n d w h e n t h e d a r k f a l l s , w e w i l l s t a n d ].

it’s been twelve years but he can’t forget his people, his kind, his calling.

how long, how long

and his words are still echoing in his mind

[ t h i s i s f o r e v e r ]

[at least he used to think so]

i got my brown stripe belt in tae kwon do.

the sun in michigan looks really cool because of smoke from california fires. (hard to capture on a phone camera though)

a quote from starflower by anne elisabeth stengl:

remember, my friends.

be still.

know that He is God.

sound and fury may signify nothing, but Jesus will make all things new.

we are born for the storm and we have something to die for.

so hoist the colors high.

~ sometimes i make no sense, but at least i know a lot of songs ~

|| maya ||

6 thoughts on “rambles from an exhausted and overwhelmed senior, part the first (wednesday, september 16)”

  1. Personally? So far, I’m enjoying this blog and this type of post more even than I usually enjoy more edited, “professional” posts. It speaks to my scattered, crowded, overwhelmed and exhausted soul.

    Liked by 1 person

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