knights of farthestshore // a goldstone wood fan site

some friends of mine and i are collaborating to create a fan site for one of our favorite series, the tales of goldstone wood! check out my official post on my other blog for more info here.

one of my favorite poems from the series comes from book three, moonblood.

the night of moonblood

if i but knew my fault!

i blessed your name, oh you who sit
enthroned beyond the highlands.
i blessed your name and sang in answer
to the song you gave

beside the final water flowing
my brow in silver bound,
i raised my arms,
i raised my voice
in answer to your gift.

the words spilled forth in lyric delight,
in song, more than words.
in joy and fear and hope and trembling
burst forth from all restraint.

who could help but sing?

now i cry to you again,
my arms raised once more.
my hands outspread to shield my face
from that which lies before.

is the fault in me?

the torrents roar, the waves are scarlet
as blood, reflecting flame.
oh, ravaging flame, burn and burn!
light my face in fury!

only spare my children.

i see them running, running, stumbling
running, as the heaven
break and yawn, tear beneath their feet,
devouring, hungry death!

where is my fault?

did I misunderstand the song, the gift
you gave? was i wrong?
i thought you spoke across the boundless.
you sang, and i replied.

i thought you spoke to me, but now
i hear voices below;
terror, screaming from the pit.
i thought you sang to me!

i sang back to you.

children running, oh, children, hear
my voice, the song i learned
from o’er the water. hear no more
the voices in the pit.

can you hear me?

i blessed your name with my first breath,
the song you gave to me.
i sang to you in praise of beauty,
i sang in praise of truth.

children running, beauty crumbling,
oh, truth, where are you?
my song is frozen in my heart.
i can no longer sing.

will you answer?

children, children, you cannot escape
the screaming pit.
only death to your great treasure
will quell its awful greed.

will you answer me?

i blessed your name with the gift
you gave. this wonder of mine,
this burning heart, my children’s wealth
i used to bless your name.

will you answer?

i blessed your name in beauty.
in fear i still must sing.
i blessed your glorious name in truth,
i bless it now in doubt.

i need no answer. do not answer.
you are true and you
are right, and your name is might.
your name is my life.

by your name, i accept my doom.

we bless the name of he who sits
enthroned among the highlands.
we bless his name and sing in answer
to the song he gave.

copyright © 2012 by Anne Elisabeth Stengl; original includes capital letters

Ohh, I love that part so much. It’s a beautiful, powerful scene, and it reminds me of Till We Have Faces (one of my all-time favorite Lewis books).

If the poem intrigues you at all, go check out the fan site and learn more about the series!

(Oops. I forgot about not using capital letters.)

~ m a y a ~

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